“delicious” redesign

The social bookmarking website del.icio.us has been redesigned! There are several new exciting features they have added.

  • del.icio.us now redirects to delicious.com Whew! Glad those periods are gone from the middle of the name. It was awkward to say, remember, and type. Now that problem is gone.
  • Searching is much more dynamic. When you search your own, or someone else’s bookmarks, there are many more ways to search in a more robust way.
  • Tags are more robust, as well.
  • There are many other changes, but none that will be disruptive to those just getting started.

In short, those that use delicious frequently will be able to benefit from the changes most, and just do what they’ve been doing at a much higher level.

Wes Fryer blogs about the redesign here. Thanks to him for drawing my attention to it.

Delicious has a “What’s New On Delicious” page, which explains things pretty well.

They also have a blog entry of their own to lay out what the changes are, as well. It has a brief video which may be great for those of you who don’t want to read a bunch of text. But watch closely, because it does fast, as they demonstrate the differences, rather than show a bunch of PowerPoint-esque slides to communicate each point.

Here are my previous blog articles about delicious.

One thought on ““delicious” redesign

  1. Yay! I could definitely use a hand from it! I miss being in Delicious. I haven’t had any internet connection for the past couple of weeks and boy am I so glad to hear good news.

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