Networking-Reflections on the CUE conference

Written on March 13, 2006 – 9:24 am | by Ed Warkentin

[This is another "transplanted" post from my ClassBlogmeister blog. I've changed the timestamp so it appears to be written the same day as the original. More adjusting of the sense of audience in my blogs...]

This year’s CUE conference has been a great experience.

The concurrent sessions, and the general session, keynote, and the exhibit hall are wonderful. That’s what brings us all to the same place.

But the networking that goes on must not be understated. I don’t mean the wires, hubs, and such of a “network”. I mean connecting with people of like mind, visiting about what’s going on in their classrooms, and what they’ve learned, asking questions of each other to sharpen each other’s practice.

One way that networking happens is just by being in line with people, wandering through the exhibit hall, or being in sessions together. Another way is when you’re in a session, and you ask a question, and someone else in the room has the answer. Or maybe you’re the one with the answer! Emails get exchanged, websites get shared, or even blog addresses! And the conversation continues.

To a certain extent, this goes on at every school between colleagues. However, there, it’s the same people every day, and it’s far too easy to complain about shared problems in that context.

At a conference like CUE (or Connected Classroom, or many other conferences- even those that don’t necessarily concentrate on technology), people who meet each other here for the first time, or see each other here every year, there’s a natural tendency to talk about the hope and the promise of what we’re trying to do with our students. There’s an expectation that we’re going to learn something new and exciting. There’s a sense that we’re here to give to each other, as well.

Encourage and be encouraged! Go to the next CUE conference!

Here are some opportunites:
•April 29, 2006, in Fresno, there is a “mini-CUE” conference. I hope to present there on my experience blogging with my students.
•March of 2007 will be the next conference of what is informally called “mother-CUE”

Keep up-to-date on CUE here.
[Update: I did get a chance to present on blogging at the mini-CUE, put on by Central Valley CUE. I'll be presenting in the near future at CV-CUE conferences, as well.]

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